"C" Tournaments


Gate Entry Fees


Tournaments Except HWS                                               Heartland World Series   

Adults:          $5.00                                          Adults                      $8.00    Weekend pass $25

Youth (13-17):  $3.00                                          Youth (13-17)            $5.00    Weekend pass $15

Seniors(55+):   $3.00                                           Seniors(55+)             $5.00    Weekend pass $15


There will be a gate fee for each day of a tournament. Friday gate fees paid are good for Saturday (except Heartland World Series) but you must present your Friday night tickets for Saturday. Although gate fees aren't popular, they are necessary in order to keep the entry fee low enough that recreation teams to can afford the tournaments. We ask that you inform all fans of your team of the gate fees.


Most recreational teams do not have sponsors to pay the entry fee for the VIP Tournaments so it's usually shared by the coaches and players (parents). Most other tournament entry fees are $400.00 or higher which includes gate fees. Those that do not include gate fees charge $275.00 or more for team entry fees and charge gate fees. There is a tremendous cost associated with these tournaments. Costs include such things as umpires, trophies, awards, event officials, permits, field rental, field prep and other miscellaneous expenses. The awards cost alone for 2014 was over $40,000. When an age division is flighted, the costs are doubled without additional income. We have had as many as 17 brackets for our 5 age groups.


Another reason the VIP Series is different, we give rewards that can be used toward the purchase of Worlds of Fun tickets, tournament shirts, meal-deals, softballs, etc. at our Heartland World Series. These rewards can total over $300. A team will earn rewards for every paid entry into a VIP Series tournament. The bill for Worlds of Fun in 2014 was over $33,000.


When you think about it, you can enjoy watching your daughter or grand-daughter or neighbor kid play softball for less than the price of a movie or lunch and will be better than the movie or lunch. A movie ticket will cost you $10 and generally will last less than 2 hours. The same $10 will get you entry into 2 DAYS of a VIP tournament. Which is the better deal, 2 hours or 2 days?  I hope my attempt to explain some of the cost associated with the tournaments will make it easier for you to understand the gate fees.