"C" Tournaments



If you play in an ASA sanctioned league, you may be registered and insured. If not, you should look at the insurance rates for individual player registration. "A" and "B" teams must do "individual player" registration. "C" teams have to option of "individual player" registration or "team" registration. You can register your players and insure them at the same time. If you individually register your players, your team is also registered.  To register your players individually, click on the link for directions and print the instructions.  If you only need to register your "C" team without the insurance benefit, you can do an ASA "team registration" for your team for $25.00.  Send check or money order to Chuck Kirtley, 1608 SW 20th Street, Blue Springs, Missouri, 64015-5215 along with Manager's name, Team name, age division of play, City, State and zipcode.


 "Team Registrations" cannot be done online. Team registrations will be done at the tournament site or mail it in early.

Teams must be ASA registered in order to participate in any ASA VIP tournament.

Individual Registrations Only Below

   USA Softball Insurance Registration website

Instructions for individual registrations

  2014 Description of Benefits     FAQ's on Filing an Accident Claim     Claim Form   

Lorie Cundiff
Registration / Insurance Coordinator