"C" Tournaments


Who Can Play


For Teams to be eligible to participate in the VIP Series and VIP Fall Classic Tournaments, they:

1.    All pick-up players must come from a participation team within the team's own league with a maximum of 4 players.

2.    Must not have an "A" or "B" players on their team even if they are a rostered player on a recreational team.

3.   Can not have a player on their roster from another team in the current VIP Tournament.

4.    Teams outside of recreational leagues can apply for entry to the VIP Tournaments and must be considered a "C" level team.

5.    A team playing in more than 3 "A" or "B" tournaments risk eligibility for the VIP tournaments .


For Players to be eligible to participate in the VIP Series and VIP Fall Classic Tournaments, they:

1.    Must play in a recreational league or not on an active roster for an "A" or "B" team for current year.

2.    Can not play on multiple teams in the same VIP Tournament in the same division.

3.    Can only be a guest player on an "A" or "B" team for 3 tournaments.

4.    Can not be a regular player on a roster of an "A" or "B" team.



The VIP Tournaments reserve the right to refuse entry into the tournaments for any reason. Teams can not be an "A" or "B" competition tournament team and are NOT eligible! Any team that enters the VIP Tournaments and is considered  an "A" or "B" team by the VIP Tournaments prior to the tournament prior to the scheduling of the tournament, will have their entry returned. After the schedule has been posted, entry fee will not be refunded. If a team is determined to be an "A" or "B" team during the tournament, the team will be removed from the tournament without any refund. Any team found to be in violation of the team rules or players rules will be ejected from the tournament without refund.


Do not make accusation about another team without proof! If you have proof of violations of the above rules, I want to see it. These rules will change as needed and should be read prior to any VIP Tournament.


Chuck Kirtley

ASA VIP Tournament Director